A Bit Of This And That Dog Obediance Training
A Bit Of This And ThatDog Obediance Training

     Training Equipment for Success

All training tools are options that need to be used with care and complete awareness of their possible effects on a dog.  No single produjct or piece of equipment will work for every dog or every situation.  Choose the most effective tools for each situation helps bridge the gap between humans and canines and facilitates learning.  


It is extremely important that all training equipment fits correctly and know how to use it.  Inappropriate use of equipment will make it useless and could hurt both the human and canine.

Using food treats during training is an efficient way to motivate a dog to try new behaviors in a fun way.  Once a dog understand that when he completes a command there is a goody/reward coming.


I use hot dogs as a high value, cheese as second high value and kibbles as a normal value.  Your canine will learn that when he does well, he will get several high value treats and if they don't respond quickly enough the will get a low value reward/kibbles.

A clicker is a small training tool that fits in the palm of your hand.  It comes in many clolors, shapes and sizes.  The clicker when pressing it makes a loud clicking sounds that the canine will hear without a doubt.


Pairing a clicker with a command and showing them that it is rewarding when they hear the sound.  You will get your canine to learn a command, including a treat which should be the size of a pellet witch your dog will learn to love.  Remember nothing is life is free and that is what they learn.


The clicker is extremely precise in marking the exact behavior you are looking for, provided your timing is accurate.


You can find this tool at Petco, Petsmart and many online shops.

A treat pouch is a convenient storage bag for training treats.  Using a pouch lets you carry treats while keeping your hands free.  There are many different types and sizes.


You should always have a treat pouch when training your dog.  Some pouches has extra pockets for poop bags and other things.

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