A Bit Of This And That Dog Obediance Training
A Bit Of This And ThatDog Obediance Training

About US

I have been surrounded by animals all my life.  During my life in St. Croix and ended up collecting chickens, cats, dogs, and a goat name Lukas.  Lucas was an awesome goat, even though he acted like a dog.  I miss Lucas, he was a good friend.  I have always wanted to be something more than an owner of a pet.  I wanted to help them, Animal Behavior College has provided me with the training to help pets and humans alike.


I have learned that to be successful with pet training, we have to be successful with a human.  In my training, I learn to comprehend the meaning of training.


Training the dog is the easy part, training people, well that is another challenge.  Showing a pet owner to take to have fun by teaching the pet boundaries, then it becomes enjoyable both for the person an dog.  Let's have fun with training, not just for you, but for your pet too.


When the dog has fun, the owner is more successful.  When they are both having fun, their success is a reward by itself.


I had to learn everything that Animal Behavior College showed me and my awesome mentor for A to Z Dog Training.  I felt really bad since I was doing it all wrong and the more I learn, the more I wanted to do.  I also learn that training does not train the same, and their experience has molded their technique.  I have learned that positive training is important not just for the dog, but for the human as well.  Having a great time during training provides positive training for both persons and dogs and fun.  So here I am still learning and hopefully helping them all to live a good life with us humans.


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The most remarkable gift we have is family.


Ask Nicely

Wait your Turn

Have a good attitude

No Whining

Keep Your promises

Remember to Laugh

If you drop it, pick it up

Answer the phone

Clean up after yourself

Practice Patience

Know you are loved

Don't talk with your mouth full

Say Please & Thank you

Share your toys

Say you're sorry & accept apologies

Try New Things

Always tell the truth

Do your best

Wash Behind your ears

never give up

Love Each Other




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