A Bit Of This And That Dog Obediance Training
A Bit Of This And ThatDog Obediance Training

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Our dog Lilo has become the center of our life. We have learned that when adding a pet to your home, you need to have an understanding of what the dog will need to be happy.  Once you have a better understanding of your new member of the family.  Understanding the adjustments and understanding the role of another life in your home.  Everyone in the family will be happy as well.




A dog has its way of sending mixed signals, having a good understanding of the signals your dog is putting out will help you understand your dog better and will help you to become a good dog owner.  Remember a dog has no intention of being evil-minded, all they want is to love and be loved by their owners.  To learn how to understand our dog is to learn how to love them.  Is our job to give them love without question and they will love you in return to the end of life itself.  Screaming at your dog does not help the owner or the dog.  Positive reinforcement will assist the dogs understanding and open communication channels that will help.  Rule #1, the humans need to be the pack leaders, your dog needs a leader for a better understanding of the rules.

We have gone to the dogs!

What can I say, wow Lilo has become a large part of our life.  I am so happy with our Lilo, he does get into mischief and he is always in the terrible two level, but he is an awesome dog.  Yeah, we have gone to the dogs, says it all.  I am anticipating many adventures with Lilo and all the friends we meet in our path.

We humans need to be more careful, dogs send mixed signals and as a dog owner you should definitely know before anything happens.  There are, for example, so-called "Calming Signals", which uses the dog to signal conspecifics and man, that he has no evil in mind. You can also mean that the dog submits or is under stress.

As a dog owner, I have learned many health issues that help me keep my pet safe.  In Life, in general, there are some illnesses that one is completely powerless. There may be many reasons, thus it comes by over-breeding, which may bring bone problems, witch the dogs may have problems with their hips and backs.  And the blindness in old age cannot be influenced by us.

There are not two dogs with the same attitude, just like us humans we are different.  Animals require good leadership and understanding.  We show them understanding and we show them, love.  A better understanding will have a better-behaved dog, but remember screaming will communicate a negative result.  If you are thinking of buying a pet and especially a dog, you should complete some advance research on what to expect.  My dog has taught me patience and has bestowed me with disciplined that I didn't believe I needed.  I am hoping with this website I can share the many adventures that Lilo has brought to my life when everything else failed.  Thanks to Lilo I am walking from 2 to 3 miles daily and that is awesome.

Welcome to our life with Lilo

I believe that people think that dogs are just that, dogs.   Learning from having my own dog I have learned that not all dog are alike and like us, they can get an attitude.  Establishing the Alpha Rule or the Pack leader rule you will give your dog a positive platform that will make you have a better relationship and understanding.  I suggest making an appointment with a dog trainer.  I am sure that they will help you understand your dog better.  The more you educate yourself on your dog.  A stronger platform will be made between you, family and dog.  It is a win-win situation!  


Good luck with your new friend...


My hobby has been taking care of my dog.  I can only thank my dog Lilo for teaching me so much.  I spend most of my free time with my dog and working and reinforcing our relationship.  This has been good for me.  I just can not understand why we humans do not know take care of our friends.  A dog will love you no matter how badly you mistreat them.  So then why can we not treat them with respect and love.   My dog has woken my my interest on our K-9 and I am hungry for more information.  I will love to learn and help others to have a better understanding on our K-9s.

Dogs are our passion

Believe it or not, dogs have feelings just like us humans.  So instead of screaming or punishing them for something that they did not know is wrong.  Teach them to what is the correct way and what is not.  During my first experience I also had the wrong expression on how to take care of a dog.  Your K-9 Love you, not matter how badley you treat them.  They will give their lives to protect yours.  The least we can do is work with them, teach them to understand us and please stop screaming.  I did and we are both getting alone better than ever.  Remember they keep us safe and we are never alone.  The help us when we are in trouble, learn of them and you will teach them to be the greatest companion ever.  They are not humans, but not like us, they know how to forgive.

My dog

Our dog is the greatest member of our family.  God brought him to me and now he is in the center of our life.  Destiny brought Lilo to our life and it has been a blessing.  He watches over us and always make sure we are okay.


I believe everyone should have a dog.  It is a healthy thing to do! 


For the people that have decided to make a visit to the Humane Society and rescue a dog.  Congratulations I believe they are rescuing you.

Life with a Dog

It has been a challenge in some cases, but it most of the challenges it has been educational.  The responsibility of having a dog and understanding what they need is a task indeed.  It's a learning experience.

5 months old

Tell them Lilo sent you and they will be happy to know you were recommended by a friend.

What's happening outside... 3 Years Old

I am at it again, just putting something together in hope to communicate with the family outside of Facebook.  Dealing with certification requirement and dealing with life can be hectic, but not impossible.

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