Lilo & Stitch

Our babies


Terrier Labrador Hound mix

Full of energy, friendly and wonderful to be around.


American PitBull Terrier/Jack Russell

Full of energy and always picking on his brother Lilo.

Meet Stitch.


Stitch is an American Pitbull Jack Russell Terrier Mix Brindle


As a typical puppy Stitch is full of energy and gets in trouble 24/7.  His name Stitch fits him well, Stitch is only about 9 weeks old and gets along great with his big brother Lilo.  Since he is still a baby he is only permitted to play twice a day for 5 Minutes, he eats three times daily and has duty call every hour.  He is very smart, bought him around the crate to give him some freedom and he figures out how to break free.  Stitch keeps me busy all day and night.


I will have more information on Stitch when time permits.


Check Stitch album to see this handsome young dog.




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